This is the ULTIMATE in driving!

Mike was invited to participate in the Porsche Road Show. It is a traveling, mini, Porsche driving school. I was lucky enough to get to participate too.

We drove in two different conditions and two different types of Porsches. We drove on a road course first in different 911 models. Mike and I rode together, taking turns driving. We switched after every two laps. Then we switched cars after each two drivers. We followed in a line of 4 cars with an instructor in the front. We were suppose to follow his line around the course.

The second driving we did was on a coned off course with an instructor. We drove the less powerful Porsches and concentrated on handling. The instructors would tell you when to brake and when to punch it.

The event was a fun experience with lots of adrenaline. Transitioning back to my SUV was a little tricky. It didn’t handle the corners quite the same or have that impressive 0 to 60 in seconds feel.