my rockstar pulled her own tooth



No more front teeth for a while…

I love watching her face change.



he is back :)




BUDDY, our elf on a shelf!

Buddy is now a regular in our home. He comes to see us before Thanksgiving. Lo rushes to find him every morning. It is so cute watching her search for him. Buddy has been know to cause some mischeif.

Thanksgiving treats

I am just feeling crafty and wanted to share. At Lo’s school, they asked parents to provide a dessert for the teachers as they leave for Thanksgiving Holiday. I decided to make my families favorite truffles. We were asked to list ingredients and include our name. Since I was feeling crafty, I created these with free digital scrapbook paper from here.



And here is the whole thing put together. (I used what ribbon I had on hand and sorry I had to blurr out my address.)



day at the dallas arboretum

Lo and I went to the Arboretum in Dallas this summer (luckily before the triple digit temps but it was still HOT!) We met some playgroup friends there and had a nice day wondering through the flowers and looking at the castle exhibit (it seems it was called something else but that is what I get for waiting so long to share). I took lots of pictures of the kids playing and managed to sneak in a few flowers too. As fall arrives and the water neglected trees, as a result of the water restrictions, start to die, I love looking back at these pictures and remember that once the landscape of our area was blooming, vibrant, and pretty. Not drab, dull, and brown.



tooth fairy is one busy fairy


Lo has always done things a little different from most. It should be no surprise that her teeth are different too. As a baby, she got her bottom teeth first. So now she is loosing her bottom teeth first. All THREE of them. I suspect that a fourth will be soon to follow. The dentist has already warned us that she will be in need of some serious orthodontia. Regardless, she is just as cute with a few less teeth.